factor (plural factors)

  1. doer, maker; a person who does things for another person or organization
    The factor of the trading post bought the furs.
  2. an integral part
    The greatest factor in the decision was the need for public transportation.
    The economy was a factor in this year"s budget figures.
  3. (Mathematics) a whole number by which another whole number can be divided with no remainder
    Three is a factor of 12.

6 letters in word "factor": A C F O R T.

Anagrams of factor:

Words found within factor:

act actor afro aft ar arc arco arf art at atoc car cart cat coat coft cor corf cot craft croft fa fact far faro fart fat for fora fort fra fract frat fro oaf oar oat oca octa of oft or ora orc orca orf ort raft rat rato roc rot rota ta taco tao tar taro taroc to toc tor tora torc

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